The Cracked Teapot

Cracked and pierced but not broken! Dancing in the shadows, My feelings have been twirled, Torn, shattered and strained, I’ve held back tears 😭, Laughed as I choked away grief. I’ve been a doll, Poked for fun, Watched my health deteriorate, But found my footing on my own! Learnt to trust my lonely, Talked to… Continue reading The Cracked Teapot


Does love believe in me?

Does love believe in me? Papa God, Do you watch me cry? Do you feel the words in my tears? Do you listen to my silent woes? Can you hear my raging storms? Does love believe in me? I’ve craved love, Hidden in wanton of love, But each turn I take, I’m scorned... I’m burned… Continue reading Does love believe in me?


Shards of belief

I witnessed the nudity of my soul, Light shards... Tiny pieces of gold, All scattered in a well, With sédiments non-pure, Called it rock bottom, In a basement of ashes! Do you believe in love? The echoes call out, In reply I shout : Does love believe in me? ‘Cause I have searched, I have… Continue reading Shards of belief


Very Vanilla

Day and night, So far apart... in my wishful thinking, I long to hold onto your embrace, Have you in my arms... As years flash by, No track of time! But I’m stuck in my present reality, One of struggle... I know not how to... Express my feelings to you, Nor know how to.. Gauge… Continue reading Very Vanilla


A poem of a poem

Arise and take me whole, Sunlit rays on her cheeks, Might have taken me days and days, Or even years untold, To find the words, Describing such a belle, A beauty of realms. Geneflect in grace, Heavenly lit with stars, A crown on your head. On pedestal high, I placed you so, A muse to… Continue reading A poem of a poem


Tufts of Flowers

It took me a minute, To realise that in process, I will bloom... blossom and sparkle, All the thorns that poked, All the petals that withered, Just needed time, A spectrum of patience now cultivated. I once dreamed and wished for gems, Silver and gold... Perfume and Rubies, Then in wild thought... I came across… Continue reading Tufts of Flowers


The Nighting tale

3 am’s are for dreamers, The ones who fantasise, And walk on water by, Artistes and poets, All on high... With their instruments and canvas, Ready to colour their palettes 🎨, Poetically oozing romance. Midnights are for wishers, The star gazing, And moon howling dears, Wishing on wishbones, Don’t leave me alone, The darkness breeds… Continue reading The Nighting tale


Even though…

Even though I.. Wake up in the morning, Fresh... Clean... Stare in mirrors, Hugging my figure... Reflections of imperfections, Daily self rejections, But I still put on a smile, Faded expectations of self love, With time I'm mum. Even though... My thighs fat, But not fat enough, Silhouette; thick, But not thick as thieves, Body… Continue reading Even though…


Ain’t no Summer Breeze

Sometimes I wonder, As I sit or stand, Beneath the petals of dust, Within my wounded heart, If I’ll ever unbreak myself, If I’ll ever just let my innocence play out, Just once more... But the pain I harbour, Is transferred,.. It’s a burden I didn’t choose, It chose me. Will my bitter batter ever… Continue reading Ain’t no Summer Breeze


Teddybears 🐻

Teddybears So Suffolk soft, So silky smooth, You’re so cute, Yet so mute, Can you read me? Do you hear me? I guess we’re both enroute, I’ve walked miles and miles, Call them milestones, Just to get home to you, To feel your velvety embrace, To fall into your arms, And just relax 🤙🏾. Ever… Continue reading Teddybears 🐻