Deep Thought


Sunshine ☀️, Golden my face, Yellow mellowed beauty, Brightened smiles, That’s just the awe in view, Ripening fruits, After cherry pickings, Vines intertwined grapes, Awaiting sweet wine tasting, Don’t let me get drunk 😵, Dancing upon tables, Swinging on chairs, An exciting enthralment, Counting the moons as days. Sunshine ☀️, Supple and soft toned, Take… Continue reading Sunshine

Deep Thought

Beggars not choosers

All my life, I’ve been a beggar, Common curtesy, Human decency, Even begged for mercy, Things unbeggable alike. If wishes were horses, Beggars would ride, Though I ride my pride, Beneath the gutters of life. As a child, In innocence of flesh, I knew no better... I begged for attention, I begged for individuality, But… Continue reading Beggars not choosers

Deep Thought

My Pretty Little Prison

Let me tell you a secret, As I retreat to my toilet seat, No! I’m not okay... Definitely not alright... You see these pretty little feet, Once danced in rounds, Compounding in dreams, My realms were deep, So colourful and chip, I had to sign a non- compete. Once full of cheer and gleam, A… Continue reading My Pretty Little Prison


Africa:An Uprising

But in Africa we scream, We are blinded by governments, Corrupt and elusive, We weep and stuck in a deep, Children dying, Our nations in disbelief, Bloodshed and rapture, Definitely not for the culture, Colonised and decolonised , Yet our feet 🦶🏾 are still engrained, Ingrained violence in our minds, Hunger and poverty, As disparities… Continue reading Africa:An Uprising


Silver in the river

I May be just a passing cloud ☁️, But my reign won’t pour, I may be sunlight, But you’ll never appreciate me, Till the winter time, I may be the fodder you overlook, Until you can’t graze no more, Time after time, Thought after thought, My attention and intention drawn, But before I go, Think… Continue reading Silver in the river


The sprinkle of imagination ✨

Imagine if you could fly, But with broken wings, Site see through lenses, Of my very own thought, What if? I sleep through my last breath, Never to wake again... Will you have cherished me? My time and my mind, The mere moments, In which my warm hand, Touched yours... Sparked some love, I love… Continue reading The sprinkle of imagination ✨


Dear No-one

Tis the season of love, The pompous clouds ridden, From the struggles of January, To the festivities of February, But isn’t everyday just a day of love? With faint hearts we’re back again, Cold feet and shivers, “Valentine’s is coming, where’s your....?” The song in echo, Welcome to platinum tears. 🤣 I have searched... Till… Continue reading Dear No-one


Beauty in the shadows

I write of your beauty, Yet you know not, I cast my eyes upon you, Within the shadows, I watch over you, Like a bird of prey, Yet you see not, Every fleeting breath, Every waking moment, My love for you grows. Walked in paths, Melodious words in thought, I look to you for inspiration,… Continue reading Beauty in the shadows


Poetic Rêverie

Words flying around like butterflies, Like birds breathtakingly gliding, Painting pictures of wanderlust skies, Flowing like streams of clear water dunes, Imagination floating out my mind, Vivaciously sculpted, Audaciously unraveled, Words dancing like a poetic rêverie. Symphonies strung along the air, With tunes blazing in unifying song, Words spoken, words written, All un-jumbled to form… Continue reading Poetic Rêverie


Does love believe in me?

Does love believe in me? Papa God, Do you watch me cry? Do you feel the words in my tears? Do you listen to my silent woes? Can you hear my raging storms? Does love believe in me? I’ve craved love, Hidden in wanton of love, But each turn I take, I’m scorned... I’m burned… Continue reading Does love believe in me?